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It all starts with a phone call. Once you call our office and are greeted by our courteous staff you will know there is a difference in our pest control and services company. Bugz will gather all the information needed to assess your situation and find the solution that best fits your needs.

Your information will be turned over to a very qualified and trained professional to handle your concerns. An on-site assessment will be made and a solution will be determined and explained. The Bugz technician will then begin the process of satisfying your specific needs in a courteous and professional manner.

Bugz pays particular attention to areas of concern, such as children, yourself, pets, furnishings, landscape and other important items on your property to prevent any potential damage or injury. When entering your home we will wear protective covers over our shoes to prevent soiling or staining of your floors. We want you to have a pleasant and rewarding experience each time we arrive. We feel for it is with these simple procedures, you too will enjoy and continuing to do business with a company that cares.


Stop Cleaning Spider Webs Naturally

You finally have the perfect lake home retreat that you have worked years to find and purchase for your family. Only to discover there are more spiders and insects there than anywhere else in the world. All the work to try and keep it clean and ready for your family and friends to enjoy is in vain. You quit, the spiders win. The dream starts to fade in disgust.

Stop the worry and control those spiders and other insects naturally. You can win this battle by installing a spider misting system filled with the all natural Spider Mojo.

NEW, ALL NATURAL SOLUTION that WILL control all common spiders and insects, quickly and safely.


Become a Happy Lakefront Homeowner Again!

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